Silicone Toothbrush

Silicone Sonic Electric Toothbrush

This product is cleaning teeth daily, compared with ordinary toothbrush, more scientific and effective, through the vibration motor, the brush head is high-frequency vibration, the moment will be broken down into tiny toothpaste foam, deep clean teeth, remove plaque more thoroughly bacteria, reduce gingivitis and bleeding gums, and, bristles fibrillation can promote oral blood circulation, massage the gum tissue has an unexpected effect!


- Professional medical silicone, clean and healthy milder

- The strength easily adjusts to suit your gums status every moment

- 5-speed adjustable pulsation. A variety of built-in intelligence, intimate care

- The selection of international FDA-approved silicone

- Soft and comfortable, gentle protection, comprehensive care of your teeth healthy gums

- Thousand times superior antibacterial adapt to a variety of needs, prevent tooth sensitivity

- The multi-faceted oral hygiene, eliminate the pigment, improve dental finish, effectively alleviate the inflammation of the gums

- 180 times / sec high-speed ultrasonic pulsation + silicone friction

- Durable, head replaced once a year

- The one-piece, waterproof and durable, a charge can be used 300 times


Take it to where you want, with a USB charging cable 

You can charge it by connecting it to any device or cellphone's adapter. 



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