Facial Cleansing Brush Wand

Facial Cleansing Brush is an amazing way to get a perfect skin. It has a water resistant 360 ̊ rotatory head, and 2 speeds. It comes with the Cleaning & Clearing Brush.

Other brushes available separate.

How to use

Attach the brush to the device. Wet your face and brush and apply some facial cleanser to the brush

Choose your favorite speed. Press ON/OF switch once for the low speed, press again for the high speed and three times to turn off

Place the brush against the skin, gently move the bottom to circular motion - avoid skin around the eyes area

Recommended use twice daily, 20 seconds for the forehead, T area and chin respectively 10 seconds for each cheek

Flush and clean the device after each use

How to clean

Flush and clean the main component and heads after each use, dry with a cloth or air dry

Do not clean with sharp or corrosive materials


Please discontinue use of skin irritation, inflammation or redness occurs

Remove and replace the batteries from the device if you are not going to use it for more than 30 days

Keep out of the reach of children

Do NOT disassemble





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